Different Categories of Tent

A tent should be chosen according to the season it is to be used. A single tent can be used for various seasons, according to the individual requirements. Sometimes travelers require the tent to be used for a particular type of season only. Some people who travel frequently would be needing a tent that can stand for almost all kinds of season. Tent is the first thing that an individual think when he plans for camping. You can also speak to various tents for parties, providers if they are ready to provide your tent for rent, but if you are a frequent traveler then you should think to buy one of your own. So, firstly set your priorities and then choose the suitable tent for yourself:

tents for parties

  1. Summer Tent: The specialty of these tents for parties, are as they can have used only in summers and can stand the very high intensity of ultra violet radiations. A summer tent can tolerate any other weather they can go for light rains but not more than that.
  2. Two or Three Season Tent: These kinds of tents go well in summer, springs and falls. But they cannot tolerate the fall, which is too cold for them. They can handle gentle rains, light snowfall which can be a shower of surprise, but they are not build to handle heavy rainfalls. These tents are not like summer bell tents which offer lots of ventilation and are usually comprised of 3 poles to support them.
  3. Four Season Tent: They are designed to handle cold weather, storm, rain and wind. They are good for summers and spring too. They are made up of thick sheets as compared to 3 seasons and are supported by more poles. They can withstand loads of snow, heavy rainfalls, fierce storm and winds. They usually have less mesh panels which do not allow the air to enter the tents and make the individuals feel warm and comfortable.