Everything you need to know about diabetes:

Diabetes has become a common word in today’s life. You must be listening frequently everywhere. There is a myth among everyone but Diabetes Destroyer has the solution of this. If you will follow its guidelines in a proper way, it could save your life and prevent diabetes from growing further.

Diabetes explained in simple word

Many of you have heard word diabetes but most of the people still don’t know what diabetes is exactly. Here we have explained it in a simple wording. Whatever the food we eat, it converts to sugar or glucose and it is very much crucial to regulate your metabolism and provide sufficient amount of energy. When food digests, sugar and glucose moves in the body and reaches to the bloodstream to feed the cells. In order to transfer blood sugar into the cells, the body requiresinsulin which is produced by the pancreas organ and it helps to release it into the bloodstream.Click here for further details about this disease.

Diabetes Destroyer


Types of Diabetes and its differences

There are two types of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is generally called as juvenile-onset or insulin-dependent diabetes and Type 2 is called as adult-onset or non-dependent diabetes. Symptoms of Type 1 diabetes usually can be seen from childhood or from adulthood while there are no any symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, a person need to diagnosis to know this type disease.Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented where Type 2 can be delayed or be prevented by the healthy lifestyle, proper weight management and exercising regularly.

No matter what types of diabetes a person has, both types may increase serious complications. It may cause kindly failure or blindness so it is very important to monitor regularly and manage the disease. It may cause some critical risk factors such as stroke, heart disease, and leg or foot amputation.