Get your free credit report annual and know your credibility

My Annual Free Credit Report is a detailed report of one’s credit history. Credit bureaus collect information based on such reports and loaners use this information to determine his/her credit worthiness. In United States of America there are three such bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Their aim is to collect such data.

What does credit report include?

Credit reports consist of all the personal information of the customer such as address, social security number and employment details. They even include credit history, credit limit and date when the account was opened.


Free Credit Report Annual


How to read credit report?

Credit reports are divided into four sections. First section contains the personal report of the customer. Second section contains details on the trade lines. Third contains information regarding bankruptcy as well asjudgments. Last of all it contains all the information regarding the individual’s credit worthiness.

How to get an annual credit report free?

The only authorized credit report in USA is the official site for receiving the credit report. The customer has the authority to choose from either of the three companies or all three of them at once. This is advisable to prevent identity theft that is raising crime in USA.

According to federal trade commission (FTC) identity theft has been the biggest problem of the recent times. Most people don’t even know about the crime until they are informed by the agency where the money was collected by the criminal.

To prevent you from the whole thing these hassle is going to official site and get registered there. It is advisable to do a yearly check of their report to check for any kind of identity theft, user can use shredder to prevent outsourcing of information of any kind or way.

This is the easiest way to save your hard earned money.