How to transfer music and photos to the computer

Computer repair personnel as well as iphone repairand ipad repairpersonnel not only are approached because there is a malfunctioning hardware or software. There are various reasons that people do approach them. One of the most common scenarios that people bring in their iPad, iPhone or iPod is that they want to know from these computer repair, iPhone repair as well as iPad repair personnel how is it that they can copy or transfer music, videos and photos from their handheld device to the computer.


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The iTunes infrastructure has been tightly integrated by Apple and it works well in order for music, videos and photos to either being transferred or copied from a windows or Mac to an iPad, iPhone or iPod.

The only feature is the transfer purchases feature which does not allow, all the others allow the restoring of purchased content on iTunes to be restored to the computer as well as one can even copy whatever photos and videos that are shot with the device onto the computer.

iTunes version 7 and the newer versions however allow the person to use an iPad or iPhone to transfer those songs which are purchased through iTunes to various computers which are authorized. The total number of computers it can be transferred to are 5. This however is possible only for those songs which are purchased using iTunes and not for songs which are downloaded from different sources or which are ripped.

The reason for this is so that casual privacy can be prevented. This however also does not allow those that have legally acquired the content to copy it to their own device and their own computer.

When you sign up using iTunes Match you can also replicate the music which you have purchased using iTunes that is on the iPad, iPhone or iPod.