Learn the secrets to a well-kept beard

The beard is now the true flag-bearer of a fading male domination on the outside world. Also, the secrets to a well kept beard are no longer hidden in obscurity. Brands that have previously been producing cosmetic products for women only are now venturing into the male facial hair domain as well. The last few years have seen a tremendous rising curve in the tendency of urban male population to grow beards and keep them for a long period of time. Some of the crazier ones even plait their beards and turn it into a style statement of sorts. Visit


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Welcome to beard land

Once you have been introduced to the world of the beard and moustache, you will never want to go clean shaven again in your life. That is the charm and sheer charisma attached to a beard. Earlier, beard used to be sported by the royalty and those in positions of power. It was the ultimate symbol of a man. However, over the years, the beard lost its standing in a world that increasingly associated civil behaviour with neat and clean-shaved men. Men became conscious about their faces and regularly shaved off their facial hair to look modern. In recent years, the beard has made a come-back with a vengeance that promises to stay for a few more years at least. You can now even invest in specially formulated beard care cosmetics that cater only to your gorgeous beard. Read healthbulletin beard czar reviews to know more.

All that your beard needs

The main ingredient that is required to make your beard grow well is Biotin. This secret ingredient is added to most hair care products, whether it is for the male facial hair or for scalp hair. Make sure your beard-growth oil or shampoo has Biotin in it.