Moti Feder, a brand in creating finest diamond jewelry designs

Moti Ferder, a well-known name in the diamond and jewelry industry. This person has recently started a new firm called Lungano diamonds, which manufacture diamonds and design diamond jewelry as per the requirements of the client. This is now rocking in the diamond manufacturing world and is giving a fierce competition to the other competitors in this industry. This company has started to give a fine and pleasant diamond shopping experience for the clients and is dedicated to provide fine quality jewelry and services to the global clientele. In a short time of starting the firm, this company has earned many accolades by its clients for its beautiful work. Today, it is one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies across the globe. This company has a wide range of precious gem stone collection with coveted jewelry. In addition, this company also has a great collection of brooches, earrings, cufflinks, necklace, and rings of its kind.

The company’s founder and President Moti Ferder have a wealth of experience in diamond and jewelry industry. This experience has made him understand the pulse of the clients and trend to come up with unique jewelry designs in the market. This person has many horses. He conducts many philanthropic activities across the globe. Throughout his career, he has created many unique and timeless pieces of jewelry that are loved by his clients. He also supports and sponsors for the HITS horse shows. This company has added another feather in their cup by honoring as the official diamond of the HITS Desert Circuit. This company is passionate in making horse themed diamond jewelry. This company is earning huge profits year by year with its unique designs. This company is based in Israel and has opened the first retain store in Newport Beach, California in the year 2005. The president of the company has used his knowledge, creativity, and experience to bring up the company as one of the top and best international jewelry brands.