Tattoo removal Singapore: scarring of the skin by tattoo removal techniques Tattoo removal causes Scars – Really?

While it is very normal to end up with a bad or regretful tattoo, likely hood of getting one removed is very less. People are very cautious and often are reluctant to getting their tattoos removed. Tattoo removal can be a scary thought for some and often involves myths instead of facts which push people to the uncomfortable zone of living with their regretful tattoo. One of the best platforms for such ink removal methods will be tattoo removal Singapore if someone is looking forward to such service.


The commonest misconception that people have to tattoo removal is scarring of the skin. What many do not know, however, is that scarring of skin is not associated with laser technique that removes tattoo ink from the tissues.

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How does the laser treatment work?

The laser uses selective photo-thermolysis to remove the ink from the targeted area by shattering it and protecting surrounding skin. Hence, the surrounding skin is protected, and only the tattooed area is under laser.

So laser does not create scars then?

Laser removal of a tattoo does not cause scars until and unless there is an existing scar, or the skin is prone to scarring or inflammations or keloids. Scars can also develop in cases of poor aftercare of a treated area. In most common cases, the scar that seems to develop after the treatment by the laser is usually the prior result of a bad case of tattooing.

Where do the scars come from then?

Scars are mostly left to the skin by tattoo artist, and as the laser fades the ink away, the visibility of it reaches its peak height. Hence, it is clear that this above-mentioned technique does not remove scars, but prevents the formation of new ones to the same area.

How to avoid new scars?

As mentioned above, poor aftercare procedure may lead to scar formation after the laser treatment by creating multiple side effects. The side effects usually giving birth to scarring of new skin tissues are, pinpoint bleeding, blisters and scabs. These should be avoided at all cost through proper aftercare.

Permanent tattoo removal Singapore is one such clinic, which delivers the best service to their customers with a thorough aftercare regime. This care routine prevents development of new scars. Doctors treating individuals aid them with all queries and medical help possible.