Tips To Keep Your House Smelling Great! More Tips From tentipper!


There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that how obsessive can people get about keeping their houses clean! But then clean houses do not always guarantee good smelling houses as well. This is one major problem that many may face.

Sites like ten tipper have various tips on how to maintain a clean house. This is absolutely why one must try using these. Apart from these there are few quite unique tips that people may love to try as well.

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These tips are absolutely cost effective and very much nature friendly. Also, these are quite smart and safe!

3 Tips to help the house smell good:

Following are the 3 important tips that will help one keep their house smelling good almost always:

  • The essential oils:

Might just sound lame! May be one has already tried spraying the same. But it didn’t make the cut! Well one needs to try a different method maybe. They must completely soak cotton balls in these oils and hide them in various places. Trying lemongrass and lavender especially works!

  • Using lime in dustbin:

People regularly clean their dustbins. What they forget though is to deodorize them. One can absolutely cut lemon wages and throw them in the dustbins after they change their bin bag. They can even throw frozen lemon cubes in the garbage bin when it has garbage in it!

  • Use the citrus leftovers:

Any type of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are very helpful. One must keep all their peels and even the rotten ones. Once they store enough, they can heat a huge casserole with water in it. And they must boil the peels and the fruits in the water for near about 20 minutes. The smell spreads throughout!

Of course the baked goods provide the best smell. And this is only why one should try a lot of baking in the house. Tips like these and many more will be available in the sites like One must read the same and utilize them as well.