Way to Go Green and Go Efficient

Energy saving is the talk of all global summit between countries. The amount of Carbon Dioxide and other gases we are releasing into our atmosphere due to consumption of different source of energy is cause of concern. Every country whether developing or developed has taken responsibility to reduce their carbon foot prints. This can be done by using more efficient machines which consumes less energy or switching on to the renewable and clean energy.

How can we contribute-Office

Not only industries but we can also help in reducing the amount of pollution. Closing your lights before leaving to office, shutdown of your PC/Desktop, taking a share ride while going to office are some of the way you can do daily to ensure less carbon footprint is being generated by you. Also generating awareness among your colleague and nearby people will help spread the words.



How can we contribute-Home

There are some outdated electronic items which are consuming more energy and as well as creating a huge bill for you. All electronic items come with an energy saving rating. Going with a 5 star rating product can help you reduce the carbon footprint as well as save money. Use of innovative machine like igloo ice maker, sonic ice maker, and shaved ice machine can be an alternative to refrigerator in producing ice. Similar replacement can be fined for the other outdated product as well.

Making a green and clean environment is responsibility of every citizen in a country. This will help in a sustainable growth of a country and will also ensure that coming generation have a good and habitable place to live. Always try to increase greenery around you by planting flowers, trees, anything which can help balance the pollution which has caused damage to our atmosphere.