What are the tips for buying and selling properties in UK?

Complications in Buying & Selling Properties

Buying and selling process is not pretty easy and straightforward . Especially when we talk about UK,  they have rigorous process to buy and to sell the property. Sometimes  it takes two to three months, to complete the process. Whenever property is going to be built, sold and rented,  Energy Performance Certificate is needed.

Tips to the seller

For seller, whenever he is selling the property it is important to have Energy Performance Certificate with them. Seller should fix the price depending on the market conditions and he should take suggestion from agents to keep an offer price which will help to sell the property sooner.


Before selling the property, try to get a low value EPC Certificate . To get an EPC, you have to call to the Domestic EPC agent to inspect the property and after that, they will provide the certification.

Few buildings which is don’t require ECP are  worship home, churches and  few buildings which are used less than two years.

Tips to the buyer

Buyer should take the energy performance certification for reference before deciding to buy the property. It will give him some idea to make a decision. In UK, if you have good rating on your property, then it is pretty easy to sell it for good pricing.  Rating should up to D mark. A to D rated ones are good properties and after that, it is not desirable. G rating on the property denotes very poor rating for a property. Though focusing on EPC ratings are important, make sure you like the property and it has aesthetic value. Also make sure that it is reachable and has good return on reselling after few years. Buying a property in UK is everyone’s dream as even people from outside UK prefer to buy one there.