What should you consider while buying a home safe

Most of us probably have safe deposit lockers at the bank or post office. But come to think of it, these lockers can be approached only at particular timings. What happens when you suddenly have the need to take something out of the locker? One option that you could think of is investing in a home safe.

But before you do go and purchase one, make sure that you consider the following points –

Size – This point would majorly depend on what you plan to store in the safe. The obvious way to go about it would be to measure what you intend to keep and then plan on the dimensions of the safe. Plan to have at least 25% more space. Also keep in mind that the dimensions of the insides and the outsides of home safes vary a lot. A safe has a lot of insulation and hence the inside portion would be considerably smaller.



Placement –The next determinant should be the placement of your safe – where you plan to keep it, how much space you have and how you will move it there. If you are buying a large safe, check the dimensions of your door ways.If you are going to keep it in a cabinet then the dimensions of that need to be measured. Keep in mind that the door hinges and combination lock should add another 2 to 4 inches.

Degree and type – You could start by checking with your insurance company as to what ratings they need to give you coverage. They might even give you suggestions as to the best home safe. Safes are supposed to be as per certain standards for fire, water and burglary resistant.

Obviously, any purchase is largely determined by the amount or budget you can allocate. Just don’t get carried away by great bargains or offers. Like they say – you can never be too safe. A safe is not just a purchase but an investment.